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    Experience with Application Control (AC) 6.1.2.x


      Hi @ all,


      who has experiences with Application Control 6.1.2 ?


      We have a special problem with this Version 6.1.2 and the possibility to create AC-Rules from the reported Events and Observations from the client.


      We have updated the ePO Application Control Extension from 6.1.1-379 to The problemis, we can not create special Application Control Rules from the reported Events with different options to define some files as Installer,

      Updater and so one (see AC_01). When I choose “Show Suggestions” I’ve got a error massage(see AC_02). But the Policy Discovery is/was empty.

      Also in the Observations we have only the option “Allow and Ban Binaries” to define a AC-Rule (see AC_03). I can’t choose between options to define a file as a Installer, Updater, …


      With the ePO-Application Control Extension 6.1.1 we have after choose “Show Suggestions”  more options to define special Application Control rules from the reported Events and Observations (seeAC_04).


      Who had such problems too?


      Did you have any solution or workaround for me ?

      How I can create specials Rules (for example define a file as an Installer or updater) from the reported Events and Observations in 6.1.2 ?


      Our Environment :  ePO 4.6.7 , Application Control Extension


      Best regards


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