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    Training Options?


      I'm looking for training options for the SIEM. Mcafee appears to only offer in-person courses every other month for 8 people only and their April course is full.  Is the online training worth taking? I tried calling for more information a few days ago and haven' t heard anything back. We really need training for the product, as we just installed it and are struggling with understanding it. Any ideas or assistance would be appreciated. Thanks,

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          I took the online course. Considering how little information there is out there for this SIEM, I found it worth the $100 I paid. I see it is $200 now though. I had asked a few people at McAfee and they said it is the same curriculum as the in person training however you lose the "person" part obviously. That is where it would be awesome to cover something high level and have an instructor to ask more detailed questions or scenarios specific to your setup. There were some slidedecks to download from the course that I have referred back to a few times in lieu of a good manual. I would drop $100 on a decent one if it were available.

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