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    (Adware?) Help


      So I've been having a little trouble with what I think to be adware. When ever I go on lower security sites (my school web site, random web pages,etc) I get two adds that pop up. Sometimes these adds are different, but the format and size are always the same.Screenshot (3).png

      What has also been happening, is see the underlined words? Those are links to other sites! all you have to do is hover over them to see that they are re-directs...


      Another thing that happens once in a while is I will get re-directed to a "You have been randomly selected to do a survey for (site I was just on)"


      I just removed a program called "optimizer pro" and it seems to have gotten rid of it (I was kind of typing this and trying to solve the problem and I may have fixed it...) I got this program when I was installing a few emulator games from "coolrom.com" and the actual emulator sites


      I guess what I really want to know is has anyone else had these problems?

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          Peter M

          For clarity I moved this to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance.  


          It's not an uncommon complaint.  You probably installed more than you bargained for when you were obtaining your simulator games.  Always double-check any downloads for additional "options" that you may not want.


          Look in the last link in my signature below for some hints and links and try scanning with Malwarebytes Free and maybe Adwcleaner too just in case.

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            Thanks! I ended up using malwarebytes (a little bit unnerving to download hence the name) and I will probably try adw cleaner too. Anyways it seems to have solved the problem.

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              Peter M

              Sounds good.  All the best ;-)