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    McAfee We Reporter Query




      Just wondering if i can get some help. I'm trying to create reports on staff that does not include the embedded page content.

      The "Condense log records into page views" is enabled in the Log Sources settings.

      How do i generate these reports?


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          Paged views is supposed to be getting rid of embeded content.  If you are still getting embeded content high in the reports, then there is a problem.  In order for paged views to work, access log data must not be fractured.  Here are some things that could be causes


          1) rolling access log too quickly (ex: every 30 seconds)

          2) users getting load balanced across several proxies. (not sticky to one appliance)

          3) Automated applets such as stock tickers or weather apps that generate a lot of "noise".  MWR cannot distinguish between what a person "clicks" and applets.

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            How do i check the rolling access?


            We've two appliances that are load balanced by a Netscaler, user would connect to one or the other by way of a VIP


            Users wouldn't be using tickers or weather apps.

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              Does the Netscaler balance each connection, or does it keep routes "sticky" based on the client IP?


              When you load a webpage, there can easily be 15+ TCP connections established.  If those are not all going to the same gateway, then the traffic is getting fractured and page views won't work correctly.


              For the rolling access logs, just look at the timestamps of the access logs on the MWG.