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    ¿Best Version to migrate from IM6.7.2?


      Hello all,

      We know McAfee iron mail6.7.2 EOL is at the end of March this year.


      Considering a basic company(so we don’t complicate with the known "the version depends on yourcompany needs"),

      ¿Is there a preferredversion of Email gateway 7.x to pick?


      I don’t know what is thebetter version talking about bean stable, jumps from patch to patch etc.

      Ex. In Iron mail 6.7.2 therecommended version is IM6.7.2 with the HF6 integrated, so people don’t have tojump from HF1 to HF2 then HF3 and so on.


      Best Regards,

      Tomas Correa.

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          I prefer to upgrade to 7.6, as the policy exceptions make the conversion much easier.  The caveat on that is that 7.6 considered controlled release.  You can still get support for it, but there may be limits on that support that I have not found.


          As far as IronMail version, there are no significant changes that would effect how the the upgrade happens since 6.7.1 was released.  Support has some tools that can be used that require a more recent hotfix, and I have some that should work on anything 6.7.2 and newer (6.7.1 if you don't want your certificates).