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    MWG Hybrid/MCP queries


      Hi all,


      I'm currently configuring a proof of concept for web filtering using the following

      On-premise: MWG (

      SaaS Web Protection


      I've configured web hybrid mode & installed the MCP on a test device via EPO (following the guide at https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-4996)


      1. I'm at the point where my MCP policy in epo redirects when off-network, however I have a problem with connecting to the on-premise MWG: my policy is set to 'always redirect' but when on corporate network the status is always 'no redirection/no connectivity' - how do I resolve this behaviour?


      2. When off-network the MCP successfully connects to the SaaS service, however I'd like to try and get some more information on setting up filtering policies - how are different users identified on the SaaS portal for example - I'm finding the documentation around this fairly vague (or haven't found the correct documents yet!)


      I've tried to configure the default web policy so that it blocks a number of categories, but this information never seems to persist (ie category filtering & any categories i choose to block are reverted within 15 minutes).


      Do i need to configure AD integration as i'm unsure as to how this works with the MCP (documents i've found suggest this is an alternative to MCP). I've also tried the MCP user identification utility, but this always fails to log in. Any info on this app would also be useful.


      Apologies for the huge amount of questions, any help appreciated


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