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    After encrypting files...


      Hi everyone.



      I am new in the community; and i have been working with EEFF managed by ePO.



      EEFF 4.0.1 in ePO 460.



      I have deployed EEFF in host Win 7 Enterprise SP1.



      I have done test with File Encryption Options, with "My Default" policy, with process name "winword.exe" and extensions "doc docx" and works me fine. When user open and save "doc" or "docx" files, the files have encrypted.



      Maybe this is a stupid issue but, when i set "File Encryption Options" as default settings (with no process or extensions added), the files stay encrypted. So, i think is something i am not doing well.



      How is the correct way for decrypt this files?



      I have opened and saved, saved with other name or save a new copy and all of them saves encrypted too.



      Thanks in advance for your help.