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    Product Deployment


      Hi folks


      I have a few questions about the timing of product deployment.

      I've configured my ePO to automatically install the agent on all unmanaged systems

      According my tests it is working properly within 1h which is the scheduled interval of the task.

      However, the product deployment tasks sometimes need much more time.

      The deployment task is configured for "continuous" deployment, to "Run at every policy enforcement (Windows only)" and to "Run immediately"

      Policy enforcement is all 60min... so why does it take so long?


      In most of the cases Endpoint Encryption was missing last what kind of make sense,

      It probably need to encrypt the whole disk before it's successfully installed.

      Nevertheless it takes way too long . At fastest 1day but sometimes even a week was not enough for a 40GB HDD.

      I'm using ePO 5.1 with the latest updates.