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    Generic!Artemis GONE!!! (finally)

      I read many posts regarding the Generic!Artemis virus and everybody's inability to remove it. I also experienced the same issue. The offending file (wreboot.exe) showed up on my "S" drive which most of the free malware and spyware programs did not read. I assume they would not have removed the file just like McAfee was unable to remove it which of course is another issue that THOROUGHLY pisses me off!
      I did a few things that finally worked. I offer the things that I did only as ADVICE. I'm not an expert in any way! I'm sure those that have a better understanding of computers and virus' will caution against what I did. However, it worked.
      About the only thing of value that McAfee did was ID the offending file and it's location. When I went to that file in Explorer and tried to select it with the mouse I was advised I did not have permission to do that. McAfee would kick in and advise that the file was trying to start up. I'd select delete it or whatever the choice was and would be advised I was unable to do so. So, there was no way I could simply delete the file as I wasn't able to even select it.
      So, I thought I'd disable the file and/or the program. I went through regedit and deleted any reference to wreboot.exe. I went to the directory where that file resided and found several "bat" and text files with that file mentioned and removed any reference within those files to wreboot.exe. I was still unable to remove the actual file.
      Several sources advised to start Windows in "Safe Mode with Networking" and then run the spyware programs which I did. Just for grins I opened Explorer and went to the directory with the dirty file. I not only was able to select it but I was able to delete it. I then ran all the spyware, malware and McAfee programs. Generic!Artemis was GONE! I rebooted and again ran all those programs and achieved the same results.
      So, will this work for you or was this even the right thing to do? I don't know. I just know that this worked for me. I don't even know if "wreboot.exe" is a legitimate file or the virus itself. My computer is running fine. It reboots fine. The only thing I know is that there's no mention of the virus anymore.