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    Error 1603 in startup script to install Mcafee Agent 4.8


      Hello everyone, or anyone!


      I'm trying to install Mcafee Agent 4.8 with a startup script in the local GPO, on WIndows 2008 R2. It'll be used for new builds. I'm using a little powershell script, below.


      It runs ok if I log on as an administrator and run it manually. It also runs ok if I use a scheduled task running as System, whether the scheduled task is set to run at startup or at a time of day. But if I run it as a startup script in the local GPO it fails with error 1603. In FrmInst_<computername>.log I get this text:


      2014-02-26 11:25:12.000          I          #2288          Stub          Pkg          START ["C:\Tools\mcafee\FramePkg.exe" /install=agent /ForceInstall /silent ]

      2014-02-26 11:25:12.000          I          #2288          Common        Pkg          CreateDirectory (C:)

      2014-02-26 11:25:12.031          E          #2288          Common        Pkg           error 3: The system cannot find the path specified.

      2014-02-26 11:25:12.031          I          #2288          Stub          Pkg          END 1603


      Does anyone know how I can get it working please? I'll also raise a ticket with Mcafee and put the answer here. And if anyone wonders why I need a startup script, the only other methods I know of are:

      - GPO plus software installation (the msi file), can't use that because we've got lots of computers where the agent has been pushed out by ePO, and at every reboot the GPO tries to install the msi over the top. It fails, but it's too messy

      - Scheduled Import from AD then push the agent, can't use that because we can't leave the computer unprotected for hours until the next import and push.


      The powershell script (well, a simplified version that I'm testing with) is:

      function Install-Mcafee {

                try {

                          $process = Start-Process C:\Tools\mcafee\FramePkg.exe -ArgumentList @('/install=agent','/ForceInstall','/silent') -WindowStyle Hidden -passthru -wait

                } catch {

                          $RunError = $error[0]

                          Write-AppEventLog -EventType Error -MessageText "ERROR: failed to start framepkg.exe, the error message was $($RunError.Exception)."



                if ($process.exitcode -eq 0) {

                          Write-AppEventLog -EventType Information -MessageText "framepkg.exe was run with the expected return code $ExpectedReturnCode."

                } else {

                          Write-AppEventLog -EventType Error -MessageText "ERROR: framepkg.exe was run with unexpected return code $($process.exitcode), expected 0."




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