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    Stop auto update to VSE 8.8


      I have ePO 5.0.0 installed and we have a couple of servers windows 2000 running VSE 8.5.0i and we are getting Event logs failing to update to VSE 8.8.


      To me it looks like ePO is trying to update this server to VSE 8.8 , my question is there can we stop this update from happening and how? as i cant find anything under the policies to do this




      on 25/02/14 12:21:26 EST PM
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          Update/upgrade and install are "client tasks", not policies.

          You need to check and adapt your Client Tasks so that you will install/update VSE 8.5 (I'd recommend going to 8.7) for older machines & servers and install/update VSE 8.8 for newer systems.