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    Install DLP for Mac ?




      Now, i  have DLP for Windows after that i try to update package DLP for Mac.

      .However after when finist update i cant open DLP Policy.


      Please check help me.



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          Can you give us a little bit more information please. ePO and DLPe extension versions. What happens when you open the policy?


          Chris Norris
          Global Support Engineering Operations.

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            i am using epo 4.6.3 and DLP 9.3.150 for Mac. And After that i choice menu Data Protection/DLP Policy but when i click i can't open it. i dont know problems happen at where.

            Before that i was using DLP 9.3 for Windows.



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              DLPe for Mac recently come out in version 9.3.150.


              In it , there is also a new extension.

              Did you install the new 9.3.150 extension as well ? or just the client packages?


              If you also install the new extension, most probably when you click the policy icon in EPO , it is trying to load a new one.


              Try to uninstall the DLP Management tools v 9.3  from Control panel first , reboot and try to click the icon again inside your EPO.

              When you open it with IE, it should prompt an activeX pop up asking to install the management tools.