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    SQL Express 2008R2 under ePO 4.6 and ways of increasing performance and reducing size


      We have recently upgraded from SQL Express 2005 to SQL Express 2008R2. This is to allow us to upgrade from ePO 4.6 to 5.1 in the next few months.


      Just wanted to check with people, with more SQL experience, about the way that we currently maintain the database and whether it is the best method.\



      Once a Week.


      1. Stop all the McAfee services.

      2. Run a script via command line with the following parameters


      sqlmaint -S VBRHM1A\SQLEXPRESS -D ePO4_VBRHM1A -RebldIdx 15 -UpdOptiStats 15 -RmUnusedSpace 50 10


      3. Open up Studio Management Express and select "Shrink Database". This helps reduce the size. We don't check the box to "Reorganize files".

      4. Restart SQL & McAfee services.


      Someone, I have read that you should not shrink the database.


      Does the above look correct?