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    epo console not opening


      Hi guys!!


      Had this problem before, tried moving the extensions out of the server folder but still having issues opening the EPO console. I tested database with management studio and I can log in, also confirmed the settings in core/config but no luck. Suspect Policy Auditor and Risk Advisor extensions might be the problem. Attached Orion log.

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          According to hthe log all the extensions (or at least a huge number of them) are showing as being partially installed. Can you explain what you mean by "tried moving the extensions out of the server folder"? That's not something that should be done regularly...


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            Hi JoeBidGood,


            I came across discussion on community that instructs to move product folder out of extension folder if this happens, tried doing that but did not work so copied folder back in original folder, so it is back to its original state. How can I fix the partially installed problem?

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              Essentially you have to make sure that the filesystem and the database are in sync. I'd open a support case for this as there's a large number of extensions affected and it may take some time to sort this out.


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                Hi Stephan,


                The case opened for this issue, as I discussed on call, The issue with restoring the mismatch database.

                The epo is 4.6.6 and db is 4.5.4.



                >> EPO 4.6.6 on production with EPO DB on remote server.


                The requirement is to make a test lab with same virtual image, as you have copied the ovf file and imported the image to machine to up.

                But, you have installed the sql on same server, and restoring the db from the production epo.

                >> This causing to fail to login with dependency errors and the core/config is successful.

                >> But the problem is the db restoring is referring to epo 4.5.4 as I explained by running the query.

                Select * from eposerverinfo table and suggested to take the backup of epo db from production epo and restore the same bak file to the test lab.


                This helps to match the epo folders and the epo db with same version.





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