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    VSE 8.8 Auto-update occasionally fails with "Task terminated: updater not ready"


      The above message appears in the VSE log from time to time, most frequently first thing on a Monday morning after a weekend's inactivity. It is particularly inconvenient as my corporate Juniper VPN client won't connect if VSE AU is failed or out of date by more than some period of time. In other words, MacAfee VSE auto-update failures totally prevent me from accessing the systems I need to do my work - a highly unsatisfactory situation, I think you'll agree! This morning I was blocked from VPN for 50 minutes until the condition cleared itself, unable to proceed with urgent work.


      I would like to understand:

      • What exactly is this "updater" to which the message refers?
        • Is it a local Windows system service?
        • Or is it a corporate server administered by my IT organisation?
        • Or is it a MacAfee server on the Internet?
      • Are there any steps I can personally take to rectify this problem when I encounter it?


      If someone could enlighten me on these points I would be most grateful.