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    On Access Scanning Memory Hog


      I have McAfee Security Center 12.8, build 12.8.908, last updated 2/21/2014.  The anti-virus is 16.8, build 16.8.708, last updated 2/23/2014, engine 1809.0 created 2/23/2014.

      mcshield.exe now stays at 180,000 KB or even higher.  Last fall (2013), for about one month, the memory used by mcshield would drop to about 4,000 KB after about one minute of idle time and then jump up to a higher amount (but less than 1,000,000 KB) and then only until it was done and would then drop back to the 4,000 KB figure.  I was very pleased with that behavior.  Unfortunately, it didn't last very long.  Now it remains at the much higher level (ie: around 180,000 KB).  Does anyone know what happened last fall to cause the desired low memory utilization?  Can the software be updated to re-create that desirable behavior?

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          Sorry for the delay in  answering but just spotted this.   It's difficult for us to pinpoint causes in the forums and it would probably be best for you to contact Technical Support regarding this issue, or at least run the Virtual Technician to see if it finds and fixes any problems:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/ 


          You don't mention what OS you are using.  If it's XP then 12.8 will be the highest version available for you.  Other operating systems should eventaully upgrade to 12.9 and then 13 when released soon.   But that all depends on whether or not you get your software directly from McAfee or via a 3rd party such as your PC maker or ISP.


          If you want to speak to Technical Support it's free of charge by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

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            I am seeing a similar issue , but with the newest version.


            While I was under Security Center 12 , build 12.8.908 , the memory used by mcshield was kept at a minimum. It would normally run at 50,000 - 65,000. I have it checked under Real Time Scanning to minimize the effects on the PC. When the SC was updated 4-5 days ago to 12.8.934 , suddenly the memory used by mcshield went up and now uses a minimum of 125,000 - 180,000 , even when the system is idle.


            Operating system is XP SP3 with 2 gigs memory.

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              I also confirm an increase in McShield.exe, and McUICNT.exe, however not as significant as others.


              Windows 7 Service Pack 1    (12.8.934 )


              When I was running (12.8.903) McShield.exe process never exceeded 50,000. Never recieved ( 908) Build. When I am online generally runs around 80,000-87,000 ( McShield.exe)   (Just checked in Task Manager)

              I have noticed a more significant increase in my McUICNT.exe process, it is hovering steadily around 53,500 ?  (Just checked in Task Manager)  Never climbed above 37,000 with the ( 903) Build.



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                Hi jhlippe/ all,


                Kindly post back the list of Installed programs on your PC preferably the one that you suspect to conflict with McAfee. Whenever there is alarming rise in CPU usage mcshield is Scanning more data that is transferred on to Operating Memory - RAM. We need to find this conflicting app and remove them for minimizing more CPU usage.

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                  Here is a list of all programs installed on my system as listed by CCleaner (1st 4 images) followed by one of Task Manager showing mcshield.










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                    Hi Jeff,


                    Please check the applications marked and remove them if you do not use them anymore. Please specify if the CPU usage is within 5-10% or it hops to greater than 20%.







                    Kindly post back the Outcome..!



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                      I will remove all that are not used. The 2 that will not be removed are Alpha5 (database program) and Crossguesser (anagram solver). Those 2 are used. The cpu normally stays in the 5% - 10% range , but does periodically run higher (up to 40%) on some web sites.


                      The puzzling part is that this only started with the upgrade to the latest SC. Everything was fine until then and none of the listed programs were installed afterwards.


                      UPDATE:  Removed all but the 2 mentioned as I do use them. No change in the memory used by mcshield.


                      One question: Programs that are on the HD and only get used when the user actually clicks on an icon to start them - why would they affect the scanning?


                      If it helps , the image below from Precess Explorer is the system after booting and allowing it to sit idle for 10 minutes.




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                        Any new on this? The main question is why mcshield memory usage would double (or more) between the prior version and the current one.

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                          Any news? I just upgraded my mcafee and I still have the same problem. I can't even turn off on access scanner after the update and it is using over 265k memory.

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