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    Adware Removal help - browsesmart


      Trying to remove this adware and no way. Some hints???


      Try t delete the files but even as admin it doesnt allow me to desistnal it...

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          Whoa. You're overdoing it. Four posts, in the general Help area, about adware. First things first : I'm moving this one to the Security Awareness section, under Malware Dscussion / Home User Assistance, and this post will serve to cover the other three adware questions as well. Those posts will stay where they are but will be locked.


          Your visible username will need to be changed,  it's not a good idea to broadcast your email address for all the world to see unless you want a ton of spam in your inbox.


          For the record, the four adware questions relate to :-

          • BrowseSmart
          • Softonic search
          • Babylon Search
          • "HAO123" by Baidu


          I'll finish the housekeeping and return to this afterwards

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            Peter M

            User name has been changed schclaudio - you will have to log out and back in again using that.

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              Okay, investigating HAO123 (Baidu) - not one I've seen before. Will answer shortly.


              Edit - BleepingComputer is being blocked by SiteAdvisor again. Anyone else noticed this? I assume the site itself is safe, it must be one of their downloads being flagged as malicious.


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                ( Baidu) - Two Words describe this detection  "Bad News"


                I first noticed this particular threat in 2010. In some articles, it is defined as the  Chinese "clone" of Google. it has various applications such as a "Search Engine", "Browser-Browser Toolbar", etc,etc. In all cases it installs Browser Hijackers, PWS,Trojans, Gen.Dropper, Redirects, and on and on.


                Trusted Source has over a (1,000 ) detection names for this particular piece of Malware alone. You can search the Microsoft Threat Encyclopedia Data Base, and endless w/32 instances are revealed. The question being is how it arrived on the OP System?


                Under normal circumstances, it generally has to be intentionally installed. McAfee does provide coverage for this piece of Malware. Unfortunately this is a rather difficult piece of infection to remove. There is a "Removal" Guide on "Malwaretips.com" With some of the identical Proven-Safe Malware removal tools, as is on "Bleeping Computer" In addition, Site Advisor does not flag the site.


                Having said this...I have always "Highly Regarded" Bleeping Computer as most all enthusiasts do.


                Simply google (Baidumalwaretips.com) and it will take you to the "Removal Guide"

                or    http://www.malwaretips.com/blogs/adware-win32-baidu-a-removal


                I will leave any further suggestions in the "Very Capable" hands of Hayton.





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                  Catdaddy, sorry but i tried all the steps from the link you send me...it cleaned a lot of files from adwares, but still I open chrome or IE and hao123 is there as initial page...another hint??

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                    Have you attempted to (Change) your "Homepage" and see if it sticks? Also is this program listed in your Control Panel? As I said, it is not easily removed. Have you checked with-in your Browsers to see if it is an "Add-on-Plugin"?  If so, disable it.


                    It would help also to know what OS you are using ? What suite of Protection?


                    Unfortunately, for the time being. Due to inclement weather..(Severe Thunderstorms-Tornado warnings) I am going to have to shut down.

                    During the meantime, Hayton and all of the other Moderators are technically astute and can further assist you. Have you searched for the program itself?

                    In Program Data,App Data, Folders? There are various steps you can take to do so.


                    Again, I must apologize for having to shut down for the time being. I will check back later,if possible.


                    Taking a chance still being on, but here is a link specifically for the "hao123.com" ( Browser Hijacker-Homepage )

                    Please follow the instructions closely, especially in regards to your cleaning of the Browsers. Both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

                    I would once again, run those tools to remove any remnants.


                    As INSTRUCTED, please check your "Control Panel" and all add-ons, extensions,plug-ins. here is the link specifically for ( HAO123.COM)


                    Edit: Not certain if it is the Jive Software, but if you have to...simply ( do a search with the exact URL above ) and it will take you to the link.

                    In addition the same link is suggested in the Microsoft Community.



                    Now I must definitely shut down. Please post the results.


                    One final recommendation, after removal of "hao123". Run the latest "Getsusp Tool" in "Normal Mode/SafeMode w/Networking" Before initiating the scan, in your preferences type in your e-mail address. Any remaining "Suspicious-Unknown" files will be detected and sent to the Global Threat Intelligence Base. McAfee Getsusp is a superb Detection tool as well.

                    Good Luck.......





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                      Just noticed that BC is flagged "Safe" by Site Advisor now. Unlike yesterday, all the downloads-links were flagged Malicious?  BC has always been a "Highly Reptuable" site...IMHO.

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                        Catdaddy now it works...have done it two times and now its clean.


                        Simply google (Baidumalwaretips.com) and it will take you to the "Removal Guide"

                        or    http://www.malwaretips.com/blogs/adware-win32-baidu-a-removal


                        Do not forget to change in all shortcuts for chrome or explorer or firefox you have...

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                          Hi schclaudio,

                                       Glad to know all is well, and I was able to be of assistance. I apologize for all of the "Edits", however on that particular day we were experiencing the affects of the "Polar Vortex", if you will. Did you run the latest Getsusp as recommended?


                                       Also, if you feel certain that your issues are resolved, please apprise the "Moderators" of such, so as they can close this thread.


                          Happy Computing...


                          Kind Regards,

                          CatDaddy (CD)

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