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      regards Win 8 and Mcafee

                                                       I run an 17 and 16 gig ram with 6 tb of space and McAfee caused the problem with win 8 I have netprotect plus through my Isp and repeatedly got BSoD after going through programme files I found the cause yep you got it Mcafee

      contrary to statements this was the cause BUT virtual tech resolved the issue and am now fully protected but an organisation such as yours should not have had these problems asI have been in IT since early 80s ( now well retired) it should not happen

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          Peter M

          Without more detail it's difficult to say why you experienced BSOD's as their causes are many.   As you stated you've solved the problem by employing Virtual Technician.  The MVT is just the first step if there is na continuing problem.  Technicasl Support are the best people to troubleshoot this sort of things and they are free of charge by phone or online chat 24/7 and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page or here:  http://service.mcafee.com/TechSupportHome.aspx?lc=2057&sg=TS


          I have Total Protection installed in Windows 8.1 x64 (before that Win 8) and had no issues, so each setup being different that's why they are best to diagnose this.

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            Hi darkwind,


            Thank you for your feedback. Glad that McAfee Virtual Technician resolved your issue.