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    Risky connection blocked


      Hi, I 've received a few messages from Mcafee in the past where apparently my PC has tried to access a risky connecton but I havent really typed a websites name or anything like that. Most of the time the city is shown as Seattle from where the IP address is from. Today as well an IP address was blocked even though I'd not tried to access any website other than facebook or outlook. Please if somebody could tell me how to stop that, ill be grateful.



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          The IP address is for an Amazon server in Seattle. The address does not show up on any of the IP address blacklists I looked at but TrustedSource has just begun to show it as High Risk (hence the block).


          Did you get this on a work PC or one at home? Just wondering whether the post needs to be moved to a more appropriate location.


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            Thanks for looking into this matter Yeah, I'm using my personal computer. However, there have been other times as well when somebody from Seattle, USA has tried to connect to my computer and then has been blocked by the antivirus. The reason I'm worried is because I do use my computer for online financial transactions and do I need to take any action to stop my PC from doing so?