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    Blocked by Access Protection rule - Common Standard Protection




      in a ePO4.6 environment  I have this error msg from a win2008 server:


      "Blocked by Access Protection rule NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\McAfee\Common Framework\MfeServiceMgr.exe    C:\ProgramData\McAfee\Common Framework\DB\SvcMgr_servername_error.log:     

      Prevent modification Common Standard Protection of McAfee Common Management Agent files and settings     Action blocked : Write - "


      To correct this error, I put the process MfeServiceMgr.exe into the exclusions and force the server to get the new policy, following this menù path:


      ==> VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0 > Access Protection Policies > Common Standard Protection > Prevent modification of McAfee Common Management Agent files and settings >



      unfortunately I still have the same error msg! Can anyone point me out to a solution or a strategy to follow?


      Thanks/Grazie Gianni ROMA