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    Deep Command 2 - Client task execution - Run the following Command afterwards




      I started to use Deep Command. I want to use the client task execution part.

      Especially the part "Run the following command afterwards". I would like to start a batch file located on the client system with this option but I do not have success. It doesn't shutdone the system

      (see also "McAfee ePO Deep Command 2.0.0" product Guide page 117, "How can I implement multiple arbitrary ...)

      From the log file "amtct_out.log" on the client I have this log lines:

      20-02-2014 13-28-55.jpg
      So I assume the problem is within the batch file. Here my simple batch file. When it works I would like to add mor commands:

      20-02-2014 13-30-54.jpg

      OK, so far. Question is: where is the problem?


      Thanks for your attention.




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