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    Clone disk information




      If we are cloned Hard Drive with Mcafee Encryption installed, is it possible then to change ID Machine to recognize Mcafee Management two different Client?

      Or is there a different solution?


      thank you

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          No that is not possible, nore usually useful as it takes so long to clone an encrypted drive.


          Best to activate EEPC independantly on each machine.

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            thank you,


            to clone hard drive (with Clonezilla) with 80gb is not too long, the total time is 45 minutes and we save more time with this method.


            There isn't any alternative  solution?




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              No. You can't clone an encrypted drive - if you did every machine would have the same key, so there would be no real security between machines.


              If you're trying to deploy an image, you need to make it before you encrypt the machine, and then you need to change the agent GUID etc after deployment. Then the machine will activate and encrypt itself.

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                This is really bad news. Our corporate laptops are secured by McAfee (which is good) - but my hard drive needs replacement. It has Windows 7 64bit installed and really many additional programs requiring at least two to three days to reinstall and configure.


                What's your suggestion to accomplish this as fast and error free as possible?


                Mac OS X can reinstall from a Time Machine backup in less than an hour - but Windows is a nightmare. Did I miss something? (My IT department was not able to help so far)



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                  If you're just trying to clone it to a new drive (then bin the old one), then of course this is possible. The original question was if you could clone a drive and then convince EPO it's a separate machine - that's the thing which is not possible.


                  however, cloning a failing hard drive is a risky thing to attempt - if the drive is physically failing, backup everything you need before trying. 


                  Time machine is only restoring a delta - you're trying to backup and restore an entire drive.