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    How do I report superseded patches missing from Recommendations (and inconsistencies)




      This is a two-parter...


      First of all, I noted in this month's scan that there are two vulnerabilities reported which are superseded (long ago), but the Recommendation field does not say so, as it usually does:

      Vulnerability ID 6999, MS09-065, superseded by MS10-032

      Vulnerability ID 12973, MS12-034, superseded by MS12-074


      As well, sometimes the Recommendation refers to the patch by a URL ending with an '.aspx' extention, sometimes not; example:



      Note, too, that one has MS in capitals, and the other not.


      Why does this matter? To process our large vulnerability CSV files, I use rather complex Excel sheets with, among other things, string manipulation formulae, and when these things change, it 'breaks' our reports.



      How can I report these things, so that they can be corrected? (please don't make me go through the whole painful ticket submission process!)


      Thank you!