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    "My Account" online not showing computer status


      I recently installed McAfee All Access - Total Protection 2014 on several computers.

      2 Windows computers were upgraded from Antivirus Plus 2013.

      1 computer was upgraded from Internet Security for Mac 2013.

      3 other computers were fresh installs.


      All of the computers show up in My Account.  My mac properly shows the device status as "Protected," Last Scan and Next Scan dates.  None of the Windows-based PCs show this information.  Instead, it says "Looking for device info? You’ll find it right here—coming soon."


      Prior to installing the 2014 versions of the applications, this was reversed.  My Windows computers properly showed the device status and my Mac showed the "coming soon" message.


      On the Windows computers, I righted clicked on the "M" tray icon, verified the subscription and manually ran a McAfee Update.


      I then focused on just 1 of the Windows computers.  I completely uninstalled Total Protection, then ran the MCPR removal tool, rebooted, then reinstalled Total Protection.  It still doesn't show the status online.


      4 of the Windows computers are Win7, 1 is Vista.  All computers are fully patched with Windows Updates.


      Is anyone else experiencing the same issue? 

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          My account page is doing exactly the same thing so I think maybe there is a problem with the website rather than at your end.


          If in doubt you can always speak to Customer Service by phone http://service.mcafee.com/CustomerService.aspx?lc=4105&sg=CS&pt=1  (tel: 1-866-622-3911)


          They would clarify it for you as they control anything to do with accounts.






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            I hope I'll never have to connect with level 1 support again... what a nightmare.


            Customer service wasn't able to assist with this one, so I had to deal with tech support.


            Several days ago, I did the online support chat.  The technician told me to manually run McAfee Update, run a full scan on my computer, then wait up to 3 hours for the status to update on the My Support website.  I did that, and the Windows computers are still not reporting status, last update, next & last scan.


            I wanted to do some testing with my Apple computer, since it was the only device that was reporting properly on the website.  As a test, I removed the McAfee software from my Apple computer a couple of days ago.  After a couple of days, My Account eventually reported that there was an issue (good).  Today, I reinstalled it.  After running "Update," the mac computer immediately reported a status of protected on the website.  Perfect!  Now it's time to deal with the Windows computers again.


            Today, I contact support again.  This time, they remote controlled my computer, manually ran Update (computer was already up-to-date), then ran a virus scan.  It still didn't update the status on My Account.  Tech support told me to ignore the messages on the account page.  Great-- there's an issue, and let's not address it.


            I mentioned how I want to be able to monitor my computers online to ensure they're scanning and protected.  I don't want to keep manually checking each computer.


            At some point, I was told to hold, he came back and told me it could take 3 hours to update on their site (which is what level 1 told me the other day).


            He told me this is happening due to synchronization issues and not to worry because my product is up-to-date.


            I said I would like it to be fixed and requested this be escallated to next-level support.


            I was then told that the sychronization is an automated process and can take up to 90 days to report to the website.  I find this interesting since my macbook status updated to the website within a minute.  When I mentioned this, I was then told "it usually takes 90 days."   Hmm..  90 days vs. one minute.  B.S, I'm thinking.  "Please escalate my ticket," I ask again.  He basically responds saying he's confident this will resolve itself in 90 days and he won't escalate unless this is happening past 90 days.


            So i'm thinking, ok, maybe it's a known issue and there's a new software release coming that'll resolve this.  I asked if he can confirm that this is a bug affecting Windows versions of the McAfee software.  He won't confirm, and then goes on saying he's confident it will be resolved within 90 days.  It's already been 30 days since I activated my 2014 subscription.  I kept pushing back.


            He then tells me to uninstall/reinstall my Mcafee software.  I explain I already did it and ran that mcpr removal tool.  I also explained that this is happening to all 5 of my Windows computers.


            I asked again to escalate and he was pushing back.  He kept telling me it'll be resolved in 90 days.


            I asked what's the point in having an online status page if it updates once every 90 days??


            One of the reasons I purchased this software is for the online reporting.  I guess most home-users don't use it.  I manage endpoint protection at my company with McAfee ePolicy, so I'm accustomed to having status information at my finger tips.  It wasn't until I told him the online management was one of the reasons why I purchased the software, and asked if I can get a refund, that he FINALLY put in the level 2 ticket.  At this point, I think it was a tiring hour and 10-20 minutes or so.


            Hopefully I'll get some good news when level 2 calls me.


            The 90 days thing really rubs me the wrong way.  Considering the macbook reported to the site instantly, this must be a blatant lie.  It doesn't make sense for McAfee to have that status page at all, if the information that appears is 3 months out of date.  If this is a lie, I hope someone can hold this level 1 tech accountable.  There must be performance bonuses/quotas for these level 1 techs to close as many tickets as they can, regardless of them being resolved.

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              It's too bad you had to go through all that.   Personally I wouldn't have bothered as long as my software was working.  I can ask one of our forum tecnicians to add comments if you like, but I doubt they can do anything more.  The web pages are controlled by a totally different database than the software and we Moderators have gone through this before with other issues and found it takes quite a while for the such anomalies to sort themselves out.


              If you want I will alert a technician.

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                Just wonder if you have the names of the techs you chatted with or better yet the chat session id numbers? This info may help to resolve the issue in addition to educating the tier 1 support tech so he or she can assist others by having more credible information

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                  I saved the chat log, the default filename had this number in the title: 222273391.  I didn't see any other number within the log itself.

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                    Hi dragon888,


                    I reviewed the entire session using the ID that you posted above and stirred up my contacts in Support for looking into this with high Priority. Meanwhile could you just try Re-installing McAfee on one of your machines and check the below option after successful Install. After you do this try logging on to McAfee home and check to see if device's status is displayed. If not I'll have this discussed with the Concerned team.


                    customer response.bmp

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                      McAfee support called me back today.  He closed the ticket without getting any information about my computers.  He told me to wait 90 days and call back if the issue persists, and then they'll escallate it.  He basically gave me the same run-around from the first level tech (For all I know, it may have been the first level tech who called me today).  I asked if this issue is only affecting Windows computers and he said yes.  He said they're looking into it from their end, but didn't say if it was a known issue.  I asked him if I would get a call back when the issue is resolved-- he said if he left the ticket open, someone from McAfee would be consistantly calling me, asking me if my computer status is updating on the My Account site.  He said I don't want that. 

                      So there's no-one in I.T. at McAfee who has the ability to check if my computers are reporting to the My Account site, without contacting me? 

                      Is this issue actually going to get resolved, now that the ticket is closed?


                      The general consensus that I'm getting from McAfee support so far is that no one seems to care about the online status functionality.  Am I the only home user who cares to monitor whether their family's remote-computers' antivirus is functioning?  With all the data breaches, botnet banking trojans, identity theft, etc, that are flooding the Internet, everyone should be using this functionality!  I'd even like if it had the ability to email me if a device is not protected (on-access scanner disabled, firewall).  I don't know the inner-workings of this home-version software, but this issue seems like it would be an easy fix (future application update?), considering it's no where near as complicated as McAfee's SAAS product, which is all managed online.


                      Chinthanai: I did what you suggested and reinstalled Total Protection from one of my computers, again.  I also ran the mcpr.exe removal tool.  The computer status is still not updating on the My Account site.  I hope I'll get more success through this forum.

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                        As mentioned in the other split hijacked post McAfee is investigating this. I have reported it as well over a couple of months but as it is not trashing your PC I assume it has low priority to get fixed.


                        Mentioning this again in our Moderator call tomorrow and will update you.

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                          All my computers are now reporting properly on the "My Account" page.  I'm glad McAfee finally got around to fixing the issue.  All devices report as protected and it shows their last update & scan date.

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