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    Cascading ePO as Master and Slave


      Hello to all,

      I need some help from you configuring my customers ePO infrastructure. Unfortunately my customer has a special IT infrastructure so the easy approach will not work. I have several clients in different clusters. Each cluster is an island solution except one Client that has an ethernet port to the island side and one into an upper net. This upper net has no connection to the internet but just to another pc that is able to connect to the internet. The "Proxy" Pc between the island and the upper net allows no routing.


      Now the task:

      Manage all Clients within the islands from a central point. This means: Check DAT Status, Show Systems, Show Threats, Distribute new DATs.


      This works very well with Microsofts WSUS, but I did not find a way to do this with McAfee ePO.


      My (part) solution:

           - Setup a Master ePO with distributed repositories

           - Each Island "Proxy" has installed ePO and is a registered in the Master

           - Each Island has its own distributed repository that replicates from the Master


      This is a solution solution to provide the latest DAT for all Island devices, but the nice part is missing.


      Am I able to bring all clients within the islands together and check their status? So I'd like to have a Dashboard with all these information.


      Kind regards.