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    Automatically update all in Software Manager




      I have ePO installed and running, I have also enabled the server task to automatically update the master repo daily and have Global Updating enabled in Server Settings but I can't find a way to get the updates shown in Software Manager to automatically install/update so that they can be pushed out to the rest of the system. I'm sure this is probably pretty simple but can someone point me in the right direction as everything I seem to find now points to the tasks I have already done.



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          Updates in the software manager itself can't be automated. You have to manually manage that part to check-in the items listed as you need.


          Once the items are checked-in through the software manager they become a normal part of the server installation.

          So, for example a product checked-in will automatically be shown in the master repository ready for use after and an extension update will show under exensions and any functional changes due to the extension will automatically become part of the policy catalog.

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            Thanks for the responce. So just to confirm for example, when VSE patch 4 was released even though VSE 8.8 is checked in and in use by the system an admin will need to log in and check in the individual component? In additional check in details it says that it is part of the current branch, what does that refer to?

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              Yes, that is correct.

              You could either check-in VSE Patch 4 directly through the software manager, or manually download the patch from the McAfee website behind your grant id and check it into the master repository separately.


              Branch refers to the master repository, which has current, previous and evaluation branches.

              Generally software in use is checked into 'the current' branch, older versions are moved to 'previous' and software you want to evaluate before general use is checked into 'evaluation'.

              The branch used to deploy software from is part of the deployment task so you have complete choice what to install where via appropriate task assignments.

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                That makes sense, thanks for the help