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    Admin Recovery Notification


      Hi there,


      Sorry for newbie question, but i cannot understand what exactly work event notification by mail.


      I want to know when my HD Staff perform a recovery procedure.

      I configure my Automation Respone task and configure all notifications from server setting:


      Event filtering:


      30001: Password Changed Event (Info)

      30002: Password Invalidated Event (Info)

      30003: Token Initialization Event (Info)

      30004: System Boot Event (Info)

      30005: Administrator Recovery Event (Info)

      30006: Self Recovery Event (Info)

      30007: Self Recovery Invalidated Event (Info)

      I simulate some administrator recovery procedure for test the notification service but i don't recive any mail.


      Can U explain me why ???


      I test my email service with other one notification (ex. update master repository) and it work fine.


      Best regards.