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    ePO 4.6.6 Can not remove RSD Sensore Deployment Client Task


      I have an ePO 4.6.6 Build 176.  Someone accidently assigned  an RSD task to install on over 1000 systems. We found the task got ride of it and created a new client task at my organziation,  assigned it to 1053 systems to remove RSD. When I go to client task catalog and I see this RSD sensor deployment task and hit Delete. Epo goes to a screen that says Unkown Error. We can't remove the task or click on assigments and see all they systems that have this assignement.


      My questions is what is the best way to fix this, go into SQL And remove the task ?




      One thing I did was I moused over the client task and got the taskID from the bottom left of IE. ran the below query in SQL agaisn't the ePO DB


      ***NOTE***  TaskObjectId123 is the task ID I found from mousing over the client task


      SELECT * FROM EPOTaskAssignments WHERE TaskObjectId = 123 ORDER BY NodeType DESC, NodeId ASC


      The query resutls showed the 1053 systems that had the task I can't delete. Then ran this SQL to delete the task.


      begin transcation

      delete from EPOTaskAssignments WHERE TaskObjectId = 123

      rollback transcation


      Once completed the task in questions showed 0 assigned to it in ePO then I was able to deleted the RSD task out of the client task catalog




      I was curious of peoples opinions if  you think this will be ok, or if there was a better way to fix this issue ?





      My enviroment


      ePo 4.6.6 (Build 176)

      McAfee Agent