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    ESM and As/400 audit logs


      Hello everyone,

      this is my first post.


      I should read the audit log from an AS/400.

      This AS/400 exports all audit data in a single (huge) file and ESM should take it using FTP (one time at day).


      I created the AS/400 profile under my receiver and the connection test result is "ok".

      I don't understand why but I don't see the logs collected..


      It is possible an error during file transfer?

      The as/400 is a big-endian system...


      Thank you very much for any help,


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          Hello Simone.


          You should consider using a tool that can send QAUDJRN records in real time rather than a large file of old records.   There is a free tool available from our site that would help you.   Go to www.arpeggiosoftware.com/siftit and you can register to download it.


          Best Regards,


          Arpeggio Software