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    Reboot necessary?




      I want to update our servers through ePO and I am not sure if a reboot is required.


      VSE 8.8 Patch1 > Patch2

      McAfee Agent 4.6 > 4.8

      Engine 5400 > 5600


      For which part is a reboot required?

      Should I follow a specific order or just update all at once?

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          Neither Agent nor engine updates require reboots.


          VSE needs a reboot for some VSE drivers to become active, if I recall correctly.


          Make sure you grab the latest Agent, 4.8 Patch 2.


          VSE 8.8 Patch 4 should be out (on the McAfee download site) by this time next week, too.


          I'd roll out the latest Agent and the 5600 Engine now, then update straight to VSE 8.8 Patch 4 when it is released.




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            We just evaluated the versions I mentioned. So we will stay with them.

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              If you have any Windows 8.1 workstations or 2012 R2 servers you'll need MA 4.8 P2 to distinguishe them in ePO from Windows 8 / 2012.


              Go on, throw caution to the wind, try the latest agent on your PC.


              Virusscan 8.8 Patch 4 is now out.  Read the release notes carefully.


              You really do need to get to P4, not P2.




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