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    ePO Client and Server Tasks for VSE


      Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can share any ideas for client and server tasks which you have found to be particularly useful?


      Currently running VSE 8.8 and ePO 5.1, keen to consider anything in addition to the default set of tasks which may help maintain a proactive and secure environment.

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          The questions is a bit general and "large"...


          We have a whole group of Tasks, it depends on what you mean by "maintain a proactive and secure environment".


          1. Install tasks, install or reinstall the antivirus at least once a day - just in case a user manages to uninstall the AV. 
          2. Update & upgrade tasks, to update the DAT (daily)  and/or upgrade the engine (weekly or monthly should be OK).
          3. Patches

          and then you have the meat of business, where most users hate your guts and would burn you alive...

          • Active, or proactive scan tasks.  These can be daily (hatred assured), weekly (passionate dislike probable), monthly (suicidal)


          and a good day to you


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            Thanks Serge I was just wondering if anyone had anything really clever going on, I have most of what you describe configured but I would be interested in knowing more about how to initiate a full scan should a malicious file be detected.  I would be grateful for your advice if were any lessons learned, otherwise I'll contact our support provider about setting it up.