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    Please help me fast , mcafee detects cryea.dll as trojan and it is not a trojan !!

    Mohannad Mamdouh

      Pleaseeeeee help urgently , i want to play a game called crysis3 on my new pc  ( model : acer aspire v3-571G )  with windows 7-64 bit , i used to play it in my old pc and my old unti-virus program was called avira . avira and mcafee always catch a folder called cryea.dll as a trojan and moves it to qurantee so i had to exclude cryea.dll from scans and add to the unti-virus exception list but this was when i was using avira , now on my  new pc i have mcafee and i figured that i had to move cryea.dll to trusted items which actually i totally failed on it cause i can't find the bottoms which says move to trusted !!    

      However , a friend of mine who is using mcafee as well told me that i have to upload the folder to you so you test it and make sure its not a trojan and then u move it to trusted items for me !! i don't know how does this work and my friend doesn't know either , so please i DO NOT want to delete mcafee cause i totally love it so i will just upload the folder for you and i will give you the link for it to upload it yourself and test it and i promise it aint a hack or trojan everyone knows it lol . So please please help me fast and test the file cause i wanna play the game asap .  If you can't move cryea.dll to trusted items for me then please tell me what to do in detailed steps in order to disable mcafee or anything to play the game then en-able it again .

      One more thing , sorry for my bad english ^^ .

      you can download the file cryea.dll from here : http://www.mediafire.com/download/qkqxmv7wwzz1h0z/CryEA.dll-THTE.zip

      I don't know much about programs or unti-virus so please be flexible with me if you know what i mean and reply to me fast if you can . Thank you


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