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      This popped up during my virus scan and it will not let me quarantine it. What is it and how can I fix it?

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          I had the same warning and did a search, it said it will do pop ups on your internet searches such as yahoo, I have been getting those pop ups for about two weeks and can't seem to stop them.  I did a quick scan and it came up with nothing, now I'm doing a full scan in safe mode.

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            I had a similar issue and i went to McAfee's technical support page, went to the FAQ'S and clicked on "What is Stinger and how does it work" , downloaded Stinger and ran it. Stinger took care of it.

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              I have had the same response - C'mon McAfee, what the official line, beacause when I tried to access it form the warning pop up, McAfee said it had no knowledge..please advise

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                Hello, may I add to this.  I was merrily browsing the internet this morning when I got a pop up about a potentially harmful program.  According to the details it appeared yesterday afternoon.  I have run a full scan,quarantined it and tried to delete it.  However, its only been partially deleted.


                I can't understand where it could have come from.


                Help, how do I get rid of it.



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                  I have had the same pop up occur (Artemis!366BFBC6A6A9). I have run numerous scans and updates and to no avail. I tried that stinger crap and it didn't find a thing. What's up Mcaffee?

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                    Artemis means it's not sure what it is and has submitted it to the labs.  You can dispute that if you wish, see here: https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016  particularly the bold print regarding Artemis.


                    @mollynoodle, it is already in quarantine.


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                      I'm glad its being looked at in the lab. I don't want to dispute anything, because I don't know what it is. I just keep getting the pop up of of potentially harmful program and I don't know what it is and every time I try to quarentine it, nothing happens.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thanks.

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                        You might be able to get more info on it in the Quarantine folder itself.    If you're using consumer software open SecurityCenter > Navigation, scroll down to Quarantined and Trusted items and expand those areas.  Stinger wouldn't have found anything if it was already detected by the anti-virus.

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                          @Ex_Brit, sorry to ask but if it's already in quarantine, when I rescan my computer, how come it is still showing up as a potential threat? Should I delete it from the quarantine completely? Thanks, I just don't know much about dealing with this type of thing!

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