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    Reporting Repository Task




      i want to creat a reporting-task which create a list of all  "trys to update the repository" including the time and status of update-process.


      For example:


      Repository-Updatenot successfully01.01.2014 08:1701.01.2014 08:17data cant be downloaded
      Repository-Updatesuccessfull01.01.2014 08:4701.01.2014 08:47  The Repository-Update was succesfull. The repository was already actual.



      Is it possible to create such tasks?



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          You should be able to do this in 'Automatic Responses' in your ePO console (Menu > Automation > Automatic Responses). 


          New Response



          Event Group: ePO Notification Events

          Event type: Server



          Event Description: Equals Master Repository Update failed OR Equals Master Repository Update succeeded



          I still don't quite understand the logic of the Aggregation tab in Automatic Responses (it's not clear to me how you can create a 'digest' of x days/hours/etc.), but it is really your preference anyways.



          Send Email

          <recipients = your email>

          Subject: Repository Update Details

          Body: {listOfEventDesc}{listOfEventTime}

          (you can insert the above variables through the dropdown boxes below the body)


          Hopefully this is of some help and gets you something close to what you're looking for.

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            Peter M

            Moved this to ePO as a more appropriate spot.