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    Helped Please LiveSafe Code is used...


      Hello i had bought my laptop 2 months and i got 2 months free trial with Mcafee But i had used my LiveSafe ( 1 year ) i had entered my product code and it was fine after two months but then Only couple days ago i noticed i got a messsage saying that my subcription is ending in 3 days??? i had tryed to reenter my LiveSafe Product Code today and it says Non valid used Im realy mad! i spent 100 euros on the LiveSafe For 1 year and  now its ended! in 2months! My trial is gonna go off in 3 days! left! now my livesafe doesnt work(Product key)


      Please help i know the trial is 2 months and My livesafe is 1 year but my livesafe is invalid! due to i used it on the day when i got my free trial! please help i  dont know what to do