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    EEPC/DE on Dell Venue Tablet


      Looking for anyone out there who has a Dell Venue Tablet, with EEPC and/or DE installed, with functional touch screen keyboard for some advice/guidance. 


      Business wants a Tablet option for traveling sales associates and the Dell venue is an option, however, after much difficulty, we still cannot get the McAfee Encryption to function properly. Our environment is the following;


      Current Production

      EPO 4.6.4



      Windows 8.1


      Dev Test 1

      EPO 4.6.7

      DE 7.0

      Windows 8.1


      Dev Test 2


      EPO 5.1

      DE 7.0

      Windows 8.1


      Firstly, we ran the McAfee Tablet Tool. The tablet tool passed, however, EEPC Preboot will not function. EEPC .354 wouldnt even activate. Claimed incompatible UEFI architechture. EEPC .396 would activate but the preboot would only function with an external usb keyboard while attached to the docking base. The external mouse however, would not function at all.


      Have opened multiple support tickets with McAfee. The first ticket we were informed that it was only going to function with DE 7 and NOT EEPC. So we built an entirely fresh dev environment with EPO 4.6.7 and DE 7.  Had some issues with getting users assigned and the SSO to sync, but eventually got it working. Still no touch screen support even with the policy forcing the on-screen keyboard.  Decided to upgrade to EPO 5.1 and do a fresh upgrade to DE 7.0 to see if that would make a difference and still the same outcome.


      Next ticket opened, we were informed that other "customers" had implemented this same model laptop with no issues. I find this hard to beleive and feel as though I am getting blown off. So, now I am reaching out to the community to provide me some guidance, advice or confirmation on this issue occuring.


      Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.