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    MWG: How do I rewrite a 301 redirect with a reverse proxy?




      I have deployed a Web Gateway in reverse proxy, everything appears to work fine except when a user browses to a folder URL without the trailing slash... for example:




      Looking at a pcap (attached image), the server is responding with a 301 header which the MWG is "missing" - i.e. not re-writing - so the client browser honours the redirect and tries a direct non-proxied connection.


      Does anyone know how to fix?


      I am running MWG 7.4.1, the test was using M$ Server 2008 running IIS. The same symptons are exibited when running Ubuntu/apache as the content server..

      The MWG is running https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-5205 as it's configuration.


      Thanks in Advance,