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    User Defined Rules




      I am tring to remove a applicatoin whic is listed in user defined rules in access protection. But after I restart my computer it is again listed in that user defined rules.


      How to i fix the issue.

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          I'm taking a guess and moving this to VSE from home products for better support.  I think it's Enterprise you are talking about, I hope I'm right.

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            Assuming Ex_Brit is right, your Access Protection rules are likely getting updated by an ePO management server which is pushing policy down to your computer.  If your McAfee VirusScan / other software is being managed by your IT (using ePO), then your Access Protection policy will always get updated when it checks into the server periodically.  The only way to 'fix' this is to contact your administrator and ask them to remove that program from the policy and explain why you need to use it.