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    Tablets? (Microsoft Surface Pro?)



      We're considering allowing some tablets and I was wondering if anyone has experience with Microsoft's Surface Pro and if there are any problems, issues (performance?) with Host IPS on a Surface Pro?

      If anyone has recommendations for HIPS with other Windows 8 tablets, I'm also listening.


      E.g. I saw KB79624 (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB79624) and understand that EEPC is (unfortunately) not supported (explanation makes sense).


      Thanks a lot.



      (PS: a similar question will be posted for VSE.)


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          When looking at the Pro Version running on Intel I5 i would expect it to run (also run performant enough since HIP has a smaller footprint than VSE for example).

          However if this is Win 8.1 you do need HIP 8 Patch 4 which is due to RTW yet.

          I would not expect to have it run on the RT Version with the Nvidia Tegra Chipset.

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            Thanks for the Win-8.1 details, I hadn't thought about that...

            I expect it should work (intel cpu, win-8) as well.  I'm somewhat concerned about performance and battery drain.

            Unfortunately it's just not possible to use any device without a valid antivirus & firewall nowadays.