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    Manual Update Problem/Status


      Early, this morning..I had to turn-off my computer before I could get on-line or do anything else, for that matter.

      That was about 6:20 PacificTime.  Roughly 12 hours later, I re-booted & Logged-On. I thought before I start browsing the Internet..

      I'd go ahead and Manually Check for Updates (instead of waiting for my AutoUpdate to kick-in whenever).

      After 4 tries..my McAfee kept replying,"your Programs are UpToDate". What? after this computer has been OFF for 12 hours?

      This happened once before-3 months ago. I ended-up doing an Uninstall and Reinstall.  Please..not again.

      My McAfee Security Suite is through my cable provider..Cox Cable. Sorry for the dumb question...but is this problem for (them)?