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    Upgrading the ePO(please guide me)


      Hi Everyone,

      I am using McAfee ePO4.5.6 on windows server 2003 x86.(more than 1000 computers with Virus Scan 8.8 P3 and McAfee Agent4.8)

      I want to do transition to windows server 2008 R2 x64(on a Virtual Machine) and upgrade it to ePO4.6 or 5.


      Here are the steps i will follow please do guide me.


      1. Take the backup of current ePO server

         DB backup using osql command.

         backup the folders ( software,keystore,server folder) If i am missing any folders to backup let me know.


      2. I will disconnect my current epo server from the network.

      3. Reset the Computer Account in Active Directory

      4. On the new server  i will give the Same Computer Name as my old epo server and old IP.(My Transition will be on Virtual Machine)

      5. I will start the installation of McAfee ePO4.5.6 and then import the database and configuration & then upgrade it to Version 4.6 or 5.0


      (my epo server is customized, i am not using default ports and lots ofcustomized  access protection polices

      on diffent groups and lots of exception, i need everything the same after the transition)