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    McAfee EEPC 6.1.3: Endpoint Disks not encrypted and System State shows inactive.


      We have bee facing this issue for quite a while and still unable find the root cause and resolution.


      We deploye Windows 7 workstations with Mcafee EEPC 6.1.3 installed.  However for every few machines that we deploy, few do not get encyrpted and the encryption status in EPO shows "Inactive".


      When I check the MfEepe.log from the workstation, I see the following message being generated continously.


      DEBUG   MfeEpeHost                    <errorId>0</errorID><message>[0xEE000004] System is not active, cannot enumerate disks</message></element>


      The log keeps on generating this message every millisecond.


      I have check the tags, policies from the EPO and everything remains the same as those that are successfully encrypted.


      I have checked all possible KB articles from McAfee for this issue and still cannot find any answers. Have gone through 2 threads in McAfee Community but the reported issues a bit different even though the error is the same.


      Need help as this is interrupting our Windows 7 upgrade and deployment jobs badly.


      I have attache the MfEepe.log from one of the affected machines.


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