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    ePO and Move Issues




      I'm very new to the McAfee product suite and am having some issues with ePO and Move.


      We have successfully installed ePO and have successfully (I think) deployed the Move agentless SVA's to 3 hosts. These appear in vCenter and are associated with vShield Endpoint on each host.


      Two issues:

      1) In attempting to configure scan and SVA policies, I've noticed the SVA appliances have not appeared in the ePO system tree. I'm also wondering how ePO does discovery as I can't find any sort of documentation on how to, for example, search subnets for devices to add to the system tree.


      2) Only one host serves VMs at the moment. Whenever the SVA on this host is powered on it uses a phenomal amount of CPU (upwards of 14Ghz) and seems to bring everything on that host to a standstill. It can't be receiving ePO policies if it's not in the system tree. Is it doing on-access scanning by default?


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          The SVA setup wizard does not always (never in my setup) save the correct settings in the SVA.

          Have you logged on to the console for the SVA? It will run sva-config script on first login.


          It will give feedback if registration with ePO fails.  Mine did early on due to complexity of password for the user setup in ePO to allow registration.