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      Good morning,


      I 'still' have my SG560 up and running, despite plans to replace it.


      We've just got some decent internet access here now, and I am trying to define 2 internet connections.


      What I am trying to avoid is running through the building and changing all the smtp settings on various machines.


      It seems that both connections are being used, and one has a relatively small cap.


      Connection 1 -  is unlimited


      Connection 2 - I would like to use for only SMTP. I do currently have it set up for this with a policy route.


      I have both set as preferred gateways. It seems if I turn that off on Con 2, that it no longer works for mail.


      Is there a simple way that I can do this? Possibly a policy route?


      I think maybe I've got it, but not sure.


      I've now got a policy route

      Type - Forward

      Incoming - Any

      Source - Any

      Dest - Any

      Service - HTTP

      Gateway - Con 1


      I repeated the above for HTTPS


      Should this do it for me?





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