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    Initial configuration and runtime issues with Solidcore


      Good morning/afternoon/evening all,

      I may have solidcore incorrectly configured, so bear with me.



      I've been tasked withinstalling solidcore on a system that is stand-alone (e.g. no ePO) on a Windows 7 x64 system. I've registered my AppControl and ChangeControl licenses. I had performed an initial solidify and enabled solidcore:


      sadmin license add xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

      sadmin license add yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy

      sadmin so

      sadmin enable



      i subsiquently rebooted, andenabled the update mode to install a new application


      sadmin bu


      I could not however run my installer for the new software. this lead me to disable solidcore:


      sadmin eu

      sadmin disable



      I then installed my software,ran solidifier again and enabled


      <installed software>

      sadmin so

      sadmin enable



      I've also rerun the solidification several times


      sadmin so


      At this point i keep getting an "Application Error 0xc0000005" when attempting to execute the newly installed application. I have attempted to review the documentation, but somewhere there seems to be a disconnect in sequencing the commands, or using the correct commands, or my misinterpretation of the documentation as a whole.


      version info:

      McAfee Solidifier

      version 6.0.0-340

      Can someone please point out the error(s) in my approach to using solidcore?