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    Need help with "Detect System "Rogue" 4.5.7 ePolicy Orchestrator


      Hi All,


      I just finished installing and configuring ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.7 within my new test lab enviroment. I am running Sql 2008 Express and everything is up and running as far as I can tell.


      Within this test lab I have a few window 7 vms and I am trying to get the "Detect System" function to work. I am newbie to EPO in regards to installing from sratch but I was able to follow the "McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5 Installation Guide". In order to get the "Detect System" to work and to detect my test window 7 machines I will need to install and enable Rogue system sensor is that correct? or does this now come installed as 4.5?


      Since this is just a test enviroment all I want at this point is for the ePO to detect workstations that are on the network that are not running a mcafee agent and to push the agent from the EPO console.


      We currently have this setup in production but the tech that took care of this is no longer here so its a learning curve for me.


      Does anyone have any steps (or a guide) on how to configure the EPO console to detect workstation and have it deploy an agent when I select "Agent deployment"? I am fully aware that you can implement Active Directory and have it to deploy a agent as soon as a workstation comes online but since this is just a test lab and want to clone our setup in Production lets keep it simple.

      Thank you kindly in advance