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    acces http://ip:port


      Hi everyone,

           If i wanna acces http://ip:port such as How should i config on the mcafee webgateway to allow browser to accsee this application or I need to set those ip to not pass through the proxy in the proxy configuration.

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          what is the exact information you are looking for? If you want to create rules which act on ip:port you could use criteria like this:


          URL matches*




          URL.Destination.IP equals


          URL.Port equals 234




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            If your browser is using the proxy settings, then it doesn't matter what port is used in the URL. All requests are passed through the proxy using the proxy port.  As Andre said, you then filter requested based on the destination port if you would like.

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              i can acces to the http:ip:port but when i try to use http:url:port it doesn't work .I also cannot look up for that url [internal url and look up with mcafee webgateway] but I have lookup the same url with the same dns using window It seem to work. I think I have to configure something to the webgateway but i dont know. could you please help me out