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    Wake On LAN


      I'm running a Windows 7 notebook on a cable-broadband connection, with McAfee Internet Security suite installed. Recently, I notice that my ethernet(RJ-45 jack) light stays on even when I put the pc in sleep or hibernate. Should I disable the "wake on LAN" option, or is it recommended to leave it enabled? I'm not connected to a specific network, but my software (McAfee,Windows,etc.) is updated over the Internet. In my case, I don't like watching the blinking blue LED in sleep mode, nor this ethernet port light staying on when I opt for hibernate mode. Please advise if the WOL is needed.

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          It not needed.

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            Hi fruitless,


            The setting is dependent upon the Manufacturer of your PC. Generally a green light indicates that a Network is connected and blinking Orange light indicates Data Transfer. McAfee has nothing to do with this. If you wish you can unplug the LAN cable or disable the LAN in Device Manager to switch OFF the light. After this you will not be connected to the Internet.