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    Mcafee False Virus while running RCT3 Artemis!F34587121425


      I just installed this game and I went to play it and it said a trojan was detected.


      Here is my screen shot




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          I moved this the the Artemis section and added the detection number to the header so staff from that department, if they patrol here, can see it.


          The fact that something is designated Artemis means that it is an unknown and has therefore been submitted for analysis to the labs.   It's quite possible that it could be a false alarm.


          If you want to pursue it then send an email to virus_research@mcafee.com with the Artemis detection name and the words "False Artemis!++++++" (where ++++ is the code given to it) as the subject line. (Minus the "").


          Please verify that the number I added to the header here is the correct one before sending it.