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    Endpoint Encryption initial install now 2nd HDD not accessible


      The company I work for recently adopted EEM for data encryption.


      Yesterday for the first time I had to login via the EEM login screen before windows would start. I am running a Win7 OS from and internal SSD and also have an internal HDD as my document repository.


      Since I first logged in via EEM, the internal HDD is getting a 'Location is not available' message:


      E:\ is not accessible

      The volume does not contain a recognised file system

      Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted.


      I have removed the HDD and put it in a caddy, but this has not resolved the problem either accessing via USB or eSATA. I also tried accessing it on a different Win7 machine and an OSX system (it is NTFS formatted and neither run encryption) but these systems do not even recognise that the HDD is attached (via USB).


      What instructions, if any, can I give my company IT dept to assist in recovery of the data from the HDD?